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Welcome to the website of the National Reference Point for Occupational Qualifications – Slovenia (NRP SLO).

One of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of the people who would like to work or study in another European country is the non-recognition of their qualifications and competences. This problem is being aggravated by the fact that there is broad expansion of qualifications, different national systems of education and training are in place and they undergo constant changes.

The European Forum on Transparency of Vocational Qualifications formulated two recommendations with the purpose to enhance transparency:

  • Establishing the system for the issue of certificate supplements in an official national language with the possibility of translation into one European language or more. The certificate supplement shall be based on the common European format.
  • Setting up of a National Reference Point responsible for providing information on national occupational qualifications. The National Reference Point shall be a national partner in the European Network of Reference Points.

A National Reference Point in every EU Member State gives access to information on vocational education and training systems. National reference points are networked.

The National Reference Point is the first point of contact when questions pertaining to national qualifications, certificates and certificate supplements arise. It is the access provider of relevant information, or to contact point with national institutions which hold the important information. The National Reference Point is also a national partner in the European Network of Reference Points with similar responsibilities.

Greater transparency of occupational qualifications and competences by 2010 constitutes one of the objectives pursued by the Copenhagen Declaration. The already developed tools and networks providing for transparency, such as the European CV, diploma supplement, etc. need to be integrated into the common strategy and framework, both at national and European levels.

The website of NRP SLO offers information on occupational qualifications in Slovenia. The following pieces of information are available:

  • vocational education and training, as well as the certification system of accreditation of informally acquired competences (legal basis, key institutions in vocational education and training, and in the certification system, as well as their powers);
  • occupation classification (nomenklatura) and national occupational standards forming a basis for acquiring national occupational qualifications, both through the formal education system and certification process;
  • educational programmes in lower and upper secondary vocational education, as well as in secondary professional and higher professional education with all key elements;
  • catalogues of standards of professional knowledge and skills constituting a basis for the certification, and bodies awarding occupational qualifications (accredited assessing agencies for occupational qualifications through the certification system, and agencies for publicly approved programmes in vocational education and training);
  • assessment and accreditation procedures of national occupational qualifications.

A transparently structured system containing all important information on vocational education and training will contribute to greater transparency in this area at the national level. At the same time, it will enable international comparability of occupational qualifications, thereby promoting labour force mobility and facilitating Slovenia’s integration into the EU. Thus, the National Reference Point is involved in the European network of national centres in other EU countries.

The mission of the National Reference Point is to cater for the needs of various target groups in Slovenia and abroad by providing information on national occupational qualifications.

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