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Contact point for mutual recognition of professional qualifications in the Republic of Slovenia

In accordance with Article 57 of Directive 2005/36/EC, the contact point in the RS is:

Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs 

Kotnikova 5, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 369 7604
Fax: +386 1 369 7669
E-mail: ppk.mddsz(at)

It performs the following tasks:

- provides applicants and contact points in other Member States of the EU, EEA and the Swiss Confederation with information relevant to the recognition procedure, including data on regulations governing social security and codes of professional ethics;
- in cooperation with competent ministries, other competent authorities and contact points, it assists applicants in exercising their rights.

For further information see:

  • IRENA KUNTARIČ HRIBAR, Head, Life Long Learning and Scholarship Section
    Phone: +386 1 369 76 04
    Fax: +386 1 369 76 69
    E-mail: irena.kuntaric-hribar(at)


In the Republic of Slovenia, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology is in charge of the procedure, criteria and determining authorities for the recognition and assessment of foreign as well as for the assessment of national education, and the use of foreign vocational professional or academic title. For more information see the following websites:


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