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National examinations centre

Activities of the National Examinations Centre are closely tied to its position as the central institution for public examinations in Slovenia.

Activities necessary for carrying out individual projects are the preparation and publication of a series of materials for public examinations; the preparation and responsibility for the administration of public examinations; preparation, education and training of external collaborators; technical and administrative support of national and subject committees; responsibility for the development of methodologies and procedures of examinations; verification of knowledge and skills and the issuing of certificates, evidences and licences, as well as international cooperation with integration in the international certification systems.

In 2000, the Act by which it is possible to get a publicly recognised certificate to prove national vocational qualification came into force. The certificates are based on standards agreed at the national level and serve as proof for employers that the holders of the evidence of qualification are qualified in particular fields. A national vocational qualification may be acquired by any person at least 18 years of age and, exceptionally, by a person who is not 18 years old yet whose apprenticeship or student status has expired and who has demonstrated adequate work experience.

Committees whose members are nominated by competent ministries and trade union representatives carry out assessment and certification of national vocational qualifications. Members of committees for assessment and certification of national vocational qualifications must have a licence that is issued by the National Examinations Centre. The licence for a committee member may be granted to any person meeting the following requirements:

  • technical education as set out by the catalogue;
  • at least five years of work experience;
  • a completed training programme determined by the minister following a proposal by the Council of Experts for Vocational Education and Training of the Republic of Slovenia.

The president and committee members must renew their licences every 5 years.

Scientia est potentia is the motto of the National Examinations Centre, which emphasises the key component of the society – knowledge is power.

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