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Chamber of craft of Slovenia

The system operated by the Chamber of Craft of Slovenia is well developed and works under the principle of the closest possible proximity to its members.

The system consists of the Chamber of Craft of Slovenia with its centre in Ljubljana and 62 regional chambers of craft in all administrative units. The units are close at hand to craftsmen and small entrepreneurs, and they are in the position to answer most of the questions put by the members.

Basic tasks of the Chamber of Craft of Slovenia:

  • representing the members before the state 
  • informing the members 
  • offering services for the members 
  • exercising public authority 
  • advisory network of the Chamber of Craft of Slovenia 
  • education

The Chamber of Craft of Slovenia developed its vision by setting out substantive starting points for its activities. The long-term objectives also include the following components: providing for high-quality vocational education and training, knowledge and technology transfer, associating at national level and internationalisation, obtaining financial resources from EU funds for speedier human resources development, spreading entrepreneurship ideas and mentality to pervade all spheres of education and training.

The Chamber of Craft of Slovenia is actively involved in the area of vocational education and training of the youth. It formulates occupational standards and drafts programmes at all levels. The cooperation in setting up the system of national occupational qualifications has already been characterised by a successful start and will undoubtedly be in full swing in the future. Adult education is part and parcel of the plans conceived by the Chamber of Craft of Slovenia as the establishment of the educational centre for functional and additional Professional training opened a new area, which is becoming of greater and greater importance.
Some fundamental changes are expected in vocational education and training, irrespective of the accession to the EU. This area has so far received a great deal of attention by the Chamber and the members, and a great proportion of funds collected from the membership fee have been spent to serve this purpose. Amended starting points for the development of educational programmes in lower and upper secondary vocational education, as well as in secondary professional education programmes introduce substantial changes in vocational education. The fundamental change brought about by the document is the levelling-out of the educational standard for school and dual system of education (its basis is the standard for the dual system of education).

Professional sections

The system operated by the Chamber of Craft of Slovenia also consists of:

  • The Education Centre endeavouring to satisfy knowledge needs of the members by organizing different educational contents and thereby enhancing their competitive edge. 
  • The advisory network within the chambers of craft (consisting of the Chamber of Craft of Slovenia and regional chambers) comprises more than 130 individuals, who offer generalised and specialised counselling. 
  • The card “obrtnik” (in translation: “craftsman”): The network of discounts and benefits with a slogan "craftsman to a craftsman" has so far seen the cooperation of over 600 craftsmen. They offer discounts to all members, and they advertise their services free of charge.

More information available at

Chamber of craft of Slovenia - contact

Celovška 71, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +386 1 58 30 500
Fax: +386 1 50 59 270

Contact person: Mitja Korunovski

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