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Chamber of commerce and industry of Slovenia

The adoption of the Organization and Financing of Education and Training Act, the Vocational Training and Education Act and the National Occupational Qualifications Act (, which govern the area of education, made it possible for the economy to re-establish legal basis in order to assume responsibility in vocational education and training.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia thereby provided for and established organizational key elements to successfully fulfil its role as the social partner in the setting up of vocational education and training. All associations and through them over 300 professional associates from the economy sphere are involved in the work. It is exactly their cooperation that guarantees that vocational education and training programmes will include the contents the economy needs if it is to provide for development conditions.

The Education and Training Department of the Chamber determines the personnel needs for individual activities or regions, cooperates in drawing up occupation classifications and occupational standards constituting a basis for educational programmes and national occupational qualifications, brings together activities undertaken by individual professional associations and regional chambers in the area of education and represents the interests of the Chamber in national bodies that take decisions in this area.

The Chamber conducts a special form of knowledge certification for supervisory board members together with the Association of Supervisory Board Members by jointly conferring the A document testifying to an individual’s ability to sit on the supervisory board. The procedure awards the individual with the title “expert member of supervisory boards”.

The Chamber devotes special attention to its performance in the areas of education for which it took on the primary responsibility. It caters for high-quality organization of implementation and development of the dual system of vocational education, apprenticeship, organizes and puts forward the system for the foreman and manager examinations, develops training and further education programmes by employing the system of external assessment with examinations so as to assess and accredit competence. It also prepares technical materials and publications in the area of education.

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